Section 950-1-12-.18 - Safety And Emergency Procedures (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 950-1-12-.18. Safety And Emergency Procedures


(a) Written Policy, Procedure, and practice shallspecify the Facility's fire prevention regulations and practices. These include provision for an adequate fire protection service, including but not limited to the following:

1. A system of fire inspection and testing of equipment at least quarterly or at intervals approved by the authority having jurisdiction, following the Procedures stated for variances, exceptions, or equivalencies.

2. Annual inspection by local or state officials or other qualified persons.

3. Availability of fire protection equipment at appropriate locations throughout the Facility.

(b) Written Policy, Procedure, and practice shallprovide for a comprehensive and thorough monthly inspection of the Facility by a qualified fire and safety officer for compliance with safety and fire prevention standards. There is a weekly fire and safety inspection of the facility by a qualified departmental staff member. This Policy and Procedure is reviewed annually and updates, as needed.

(c) Written Policy, Procedure, and practice shallgovern the control and use of all flammable, toxic, and caustic materials.

(d) Facilities shall be equipped with non combustible receptacles for smoking materials and separate containers for other combustible refuse at accessible locations throughout living quarters in the Program. Special containers are provided for flammable liquids and for rags used with flammable liquids. All receptacles and containers are emptied and cleaned daily.

(e) Written Policy, Procedure, and practice should provide for a communication system within the Program and between the Program and community in the event of urgent, special or unusual incidents or emergency situations.


(a) The Program shall have a written evacuation plan prepared in the event of a fire or major emergency that is approved by a person trained in the application of appropriate codes. The plan is reviewed annually, updated if necessary, and reissued to the local fire jurisdiction and/or other responding agencies. The plan includes the following:

1. Location of building/room floor plan.

2. Location of public posted plan.

3. Staff drills for the evacuation of residents.

4. Use of exit signs and directional arrows for traffic flow.

5. Monthly fire drills in all occupied locations of the Program.

(b) All Program personnel shall be trained in the implementation of written emergency plans.

(c) There shall be a written plan that specifies the Procedure to be followed in situations that threatens program security that include but not limited to:

1. Riots

2. Hunger strikes

3. Disturbances

4. Taking of hostages

5. Work stoppage

(d) Written Policy, Procedure, and practice shallspecify the means for the immediate release of juveniles from locked areas in case of emergency and provide for a back up system.

(New Rule: Filed December 17, 2004; effective January 21, 2005. Amended by Alabama Administrative Monthly Volume XXXVII, Issue No. 02, November 30, 2018, eff. December 21, 2018.)

Author: Alabama Department of Youth Services, Office of Licensing and Standards

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, §§ 44-1-27(a)(b), 44-1-24(4)(6), 38-13-4.

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