Section 950-1-12-.24 - Juvenile Services Reception And Orientation (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 950-1-12-.24. Juvenile Services Reception And Orientation


(a) Written procedures for admission of juveniles new to the system include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Determination that the juvenile is legally committed to the program

2. Complete search of the juvenile and possessions

3. Disposition of personal property

4. Shower and hair care

5. Issuance of clean, laundered clothing (as needed)

6. Issuance of personal hygiene articles

7. Medical screening

8. Recording of basic personal data and information to be used for mail and visiting lists

9. Assistance to juveniles in notifying their families of their admission and procedures for mailing and visiting

10. Provision of written orientation materials to the juveniles

(b) For each juvenile, an initial intake information form is completed and includes, unless prohibited by statue, at a minimum, the following information:

1. Name

2. Address

3. Date of birth

4. Sex

5. Race or ethnic origin

6. Reason for referral

7. Who to notify in case of emergency

8. Date of information gathered

9. Name of referring agency or committing authority

10. Special medical problems or needs

11. Personal physician, if applicable

12. Legal status

13. Identifying number (juvenile case numbers)

14. Signature of both interviewer and employee taking information

(c) Written policy, procedure, and practice shall provide that new juveniles receive written orientation materials and/or translations in their own language if they do not understand English. When literacy problem exists, a staff member helps the juvenile in understanding the material. Completion of orientation is documented by a statement signed and dated by the juvenile.


(a) Written policy, procedure, and practice specify the personal property that juveniles can retain in their possession. Personal property retained in the program is itemized in a written list that is kept in the permanent case file; the juveniles receive a current copy of this list.

Author: Alabama Department of Youth Services, Office of Licensing and Standards

(New Rule: Filed December 17, 2004; effective January 21, 2005.)

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, §§ 44-1-27(a), (b), 44-1-24(4), (6), 38-13-4.

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