Section 950-1-13-.02 - Fiscal Management (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 950-1-13-.02. Fiscal Management

(1) Written Policy, Procedure, and practice provide that the facility administrator is responsible for fiscal management and control.

(2) Written Policy, Procedure, and practice provide that when a short-term detention facility provides services on a regional basis, it charges all contract users an equal per diem rate.

(3) The short-term detention facility's budget request complies with the policies, procedures, and instructions of the jurisdiction of which the Facility is a part.

(4) Written Policy, Procedure, and practice provide for budget revisions.

(5) Written Policy, Procedure, and practice demonstrate that procedures for the collection, safeguarding, and disbursement of monies comply with the accounting procedures established by the governing jurisdiction. These procedures are reviewed annually and updated as needed.

(6) All monies collected at the short term detention facility are placed in an officially designated and secure location daily.

(7) The short-term detention facility provides for an independent financial Audit of the Facility as stipulated by statute or regulation but at least every three years.

(8) Written Policy, Procedure, and practice govern inventory control of property, supplies, and other assets. Inventories are conducted at time periods stipulated by applicable statues but at least every two years.

(9) The short-term detention facility provides for institutional insurance coverage including at a minimum: Workman's Compensation (or, if applicable, coverage under the State Employees Injury Compensation Trust Fund), civil liability for employees, liability for official vehicles and public employee blanket bond.

(10) Juveniles' personal funds held by the Facility are controlled by accepted accounting procedures.

(11) Written Policy, Procedure and practice provide that any financial transactions permitted between juveniles, juveniles and staff, and juveniles and volunteers are approved by the facility administrator.

(New Rule: Filed December 17, 2004; effective January 21, 2005. Amended by Alabama Administrative Monthly Volume XXXVII, Issue No. 02, November 30, 2018, eff. December 21, 2018.)

Author: Alabama Department of Youth Services, Office of Licensing and Standards

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, §§ 44-1-27(a)(b), 44-1-24(4)(6), 38-13-4.

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