Section 950-1-13-.05 - Juvenile Records (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 950-1-13-.05. Juvenile Records

(1) Written Policy, Procedure, and practice govern and detail the establishment, use, and content of information to be obtained for juveniles held in short-term detention facilities. This Policy, Procedure, and practice shall address the issue of privacy of information, the secure placement and preservation of Records and a schedule for retiring or destroying inactive Records. These Policies and Procedures are reviewed annually.

(2) The short-term detention facility maintains a record of each juvenile that includes at a minimum the following information:

(a) name, age, sex, place of birth, and race or nationality

(b) authority to accept juvenile

(c) referral source

(d) name, relationship, address, and phone number of parents/guardian/ and person juvenile resides with at time of Admission

(e) drivers license number, social security number, and Medicaid number when applicable

(f) signed release-of-information forms when required

(g) disciplinary policy signed by juvenile

(h) initial intake form

(i) final discharge or transfer report

(j) legal charge at time of intake

(k) signature of person obtaining information

(3) The short-term detention facility provides that for any juvenile transferred from one Facility to another that a copy of any information obtained is transferred simultaneously or at least within seventy-two hours.

(4) The short-term detention facility maintain a daily population report of all juveniles held in the Facility which includes the day they were admitted, accumulated days of stay, and the probation officer assigned. This report is transmitted to appropriate administrative staff.

(5) The short-term detention facility collaborates with DYS, Juvenile Justice Agencies, and other service agencies in information gathering, exchange, and standardization.

(6) Written Policy and Procedure governs the conduct of research at the short-term detention facility. This Policy and Procedure adheres to state and federal guidelines for the use and dissemination of research findings, requires that all research be approved by the facility administrator, ensures the confidentiality of juveniles, ensures that all juvenile participation is voluntary, and prohibits medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic research programs.

(New Rule: Filed December 17, 2004; effective January 21, 2005. Amended by Alabama Administrative Monthly Volume XXXVII, Issue No. 02, November 30, 2018, eff. December 21, 2018.)

Author: Alabama Department of Youth Services, Office of Licensing and Standards

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, §§ 44-1-27(a)(b), 44-1-24(4)(6), 38-13-4.

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