Section 950-2-2-.01 - Statement Of Policy (Alabama Administrative Code)

§ 950-2-2-.01. Statement Of Policy

(1) The Youth Services Board's policies regarding screening and placement were modified by the Youth Services Board effective June 1, 2017. These policies may be amended by the Board from time to time.

(2) A multi-disciplinary committee led by the Administrator of Screening and Placement considers requests for admissions submitted to the department based upon a classification system. The classification system aids the committee in making decisions about the most appropriate housing, services, and interventions for each youth based on the youth's risk for continued delinquency and needs. Classification is a structured decision making process that includes a formal assessment of risk including factors such as:

(a) The Youth's health and mental health status,

(b) substance use or abuse,

(c) suicidal ideation or attempt history,

(d) age,

(e) physical size,

(f) current and past charges or court history,

(g) gender,

(h) educational level and educational needs,

(i) history of sexually abusive behavior,

(j) offensive or violent behavior, and

(k) history of victimization.

The reliability of the committee's actions is greatly affected by the thoroughness, completeness, and the accuracy of the written information submitted by the committing court. Committed youth with incomplete reports will not be accepted until all requisite information is received. The requisite information is determined by the department, and at a minimum includes:

(a) Commitment Order (on standard form)

(b) Completed DYS Intake Summary Form

(c) DYS Risk Assessment

(d) Case Action Summary Sheet, or JPO Social Summary Detail of Charges (present and prior) including disposition

(e) Needs Assessment

(f) Immunization Record

(g) Cumulative School Transcripts

(h) Police Report (if juvenile criminal sex offender)

(i) Most current Psychological Report or discharge summary (if applicable)

Additional requisite information may include:

(a) Copy of Birth Certificate

(b) Copy of Social Security Card

(c) District Attorney report/findings/evaluations,

(d) Police investigation report, including medical report on victim,

(e) Victim statement information,

(f) Child advocacy reports,

(g) DHR records regarding current/previous contact/investigations,

(h) Psychological/Psychiatric records.

(3) For purposes of placement of youth in compliance with statutory time limits, including acceptance by the Department facility or contract facility within seven days of notice of disposition, "notice" takes place on the date all requisite information is received.

If placement within seven days would place the department in violation of either a state statute or standard, then compliance with the statutory time limit is not required.

(4) Certain requests, without a commitment to the custody of the department, for placement at a short term program may be accepted, based on an order in standard form specifically referencing the short term program, without consideration by the committee.

(Amended by Alabama Administrative Monthly Volume XXXVII, Issue No. 02, November 30, 2018, eff. December 21, 2018.)

Author: Department of Youth Services

Statutory Authority:

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