Title 15 - Revenue (Alaska Administrative Code)

Administration of revenue laws
Multistate tax compact
Alaska net income tax
Alaska permanent fund dividend
Motor fuel tax
Cigarette tax
Transportation taxes
Oil and gas production tax and oil surcharge
Oil and gas exploration, production and pipeline transportation property tax
Excise tax on alcoholic beverages
Marijuana tax
Mining license tax
Alaska business license tax
Fisheries business tax
Salmon enhancement tax
Fishery resource landing tax
Salmon prices
Alaska gasline inducement act provisions
Tire fees
Alaska retirement management board
Common property fishery assessment and seafood marketing assessment
Health and safety
Child support enforcement
Receipt, custody, investment, and management of state funds
Municipal bond bank authority
Forest products business loan guarantee
Child support enforcement (relocated)
Alaska housing finance corporation
Ahfc general programs
Ahfc rural housing
Ahfc public housing
Grant programs
Ahfc energy efficiency and conservation programs
Authorized games of chance and skill
Tax on gaming or gambling activities aboard large passenger vessels

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