Section 16-555.3 - Venting (California Code of Regulations)

§ 16-555.3. Venting

(a) Operators shall provide maximum dilution ventilation using fresh outside air during all onsite cleaning operations. In the immediate working area, all available doors and windows to the outside shall be opened.

(b) Operators shall use portable air movers to provide mechanical dilution ventilation. These air movers shall be placed in a manner that will dilute vapor levels with fresh outside air, and accelerate the off-gassing of residual vapors.

(c) Thorough vacuuming shall be performed as a standard work practice to minimize the residual vapor off-gassing.

(d) All doors leading to other parts of the dwelling or building being cleaned shall be closed, separating the work area from the rest of the structure. All heating and central cooling units shall be turned off to prevent the indiscriminate dispersion of vapors into closed areas of the dwelling or building.

(e) Air-tight ducting shall be used from the outlet side of the operator's vacuum system to the outside of the dwelling or building in which cleaning is taking place. The outlet shall be placed in a position which the operator determines to be hazard-free.

(f) Onsite cleaning shall not be performed in areas that cannot be vented to the outside, except where conditions exist which assure that solvent vapor levels will not exceed standards established in Section 512 of these regulations.

Note: Authority cited: Sections 9533 and 9533.4, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Sections 101.6, 9533.3 and 9533.4, Business and Professions Code.

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