Section 14-1545 - Wildlife Protection (California Code of Regulations)

§ 14-1545. Wildlife Protection

(a) Riparian vegetation found along stream and lakes, and within marshes, wet meadows, and other wet areas shall be retained and protected except when managed as part of a fish and wildlife habitat improvement practice and necessary mitigation measures to minimize damage from these practices have been imposed.

(b) All snags within the stream and lake protection zone and all live trees and snags with visible evidence of use as nesting and roosting sites by rare, endangered, or threatened bird species shall be left undisturbed. Participants are encouraged to leave all snags undisturbed.

(c) No practices may be performed on lands designated special treatment areas due to their importance as key habitat for rare and endangered animals or plants unless an environmental evaluation conducted according to 14 CAC 1532.2 indicates that a proposed practice(s) will improve such habitat.

(d) Participants are encouraged to retain some older acorn producing black oaks, create deer forage lanes in brushfields, and plant other vegetation to promote species diversity and improve wildlife habitat when such practices are not in conflict with program goals.

(e) If existing vegetation other than riparian is necessary to maintain stream temperatures, such vegetation shall not be removed.

(f) Domestic water supplies will receive the same review and consideration as that required for special treatment areas.

Note: Authority cited: Section 4799.02, Public Resources Code. Reference: Sections 4799 and 4799.01, Public Resources Code.

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