Section 10205 - Participating Permit Agencies (California Code of Regulations)

§ 10205. Participating Permit Agencies

(a) Upon being notified of the meeting required by Section 71022 of the Public Resources Code, the participating permit agency is responsible for participating in the initial meeting

(b) At the meeting, representative of the participating permit agency shall identify to the applicant any required permits that the participating permit agency requires for the project. The participating permit agency representative will then ensure that the required permit applications and guidance documents are supplied to the applicant.

(c) Each participating permit agency shall retain its authority to make all decisions with regard to the determination of the participating permit agency's permit as per section 71021(d) of the Public Resources Code. This authority includes decisions regarding modifications, renewals, and revocations of permits. Thus, the participating permit agency can issue its permit decision at any time during the consolidated permit process.

(d) Upon making a permit decision for the project, the participating permit agency shall send a copy of the permit decision, including a copy of any environmental permits issued for the project, to the consolidated permit agency for incorporation by the consolidated permit agency into the final consolidated permit document.

(e) A participating permit agency is only removed from the consolidated permit process when either of the following occurs;

(1) The participating permit agency is removed from the consolidated permit process at the request of the applicant pursuant to Section 71023(b) of the Public Resources Code; or

(2) when the participating permit agency has completed both of the following;

A.has responded to any public comments received during the Public Review and Participation Section (c); and,

B.the participating permit agency issues its permit decision.

C.the participating permit agency has provided all written comments received, any responses to those comments, and its permit decision to the consolidated permit agency.

(1. New section filed 7-12-95; operative 8-11-95 (Register 95, No. 28).)

Note: Authority cited: Sections 71001 and 71020, Public Resources Code. Reference: Sections 71021, 71022, 71023, 71024 and 71025, Public Resources Code.

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