Section 10409 - Contents of the Facility Compliance Plan (California Code of Regulations)

§ 10409. Contents of the Facility Compliance Plan

(a) The Plan Applicant shall prepare and submit a proposed facility compliance plan for review by the individual permitting authorities.

(1) The proposed facility compliance plan shall demonstrate compliance with all applicable environmental laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances specified by the permitting authorities for the activity to be authorized by the facility compliance plan.

(2) The proposed facility compliance plan shall contain the information required by Section 10401(a)(8).

(b) The proposed facility compliance plan may incorporate the following optional elements, provided they are not otherwise required by a permitting authority, with the understanding that they shall not constitute a substitute for any existing regulatory compliance requirements:

(1) Identification of relevant environmental impacts associated with the operation of a facility;

(2) Identification of operational standards for environmental performance which meet or exceed all permit and other legal requirements;

(3) A description of an internal environmental management procedures which enable the facility to meet its legal requirements;

(4) A monitoring and reporting system which identifies operational performance and identifies any excursion from established goals;

(5) Appropriate training, awareness, and communication systems for the organization;

(6) Appropriate documentation and document control;

(7) Consolidated plans for appropriate emergency preparedness and response;

(8) Procedures establishing internal audits; and

(9) Procedures for appropriate supervisory review of performance in meeting established environmental goals.

(c) A facility compliance plan shall contain the conditions deemed necessary by a permitting authority to render a plan complete and adequate. The conditions imposed by a permitting authority shall be consistent with its authority to impose conditions on individual environmental permits for which the facility compliance plan is a substitute.

(1. New article 4 (sections 10409-10411) and section filed 5-22-97; operative 6-21-97 (Register 97, No. 28).)

Note: Authority cited: Sections 71035.1 and 71305.2, Public Resources Code. Reference: Sections 71035.4, 71035.5, 71035.6 and 71035.8, Public Resources Code.

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