Section 20705 - SWRCB - Standards for Daily and Intermediate (Interim) Cover. (C15: s2544) (California Code of Regulations)

§ 20705. SWRCB - Standards for Daily and Intermediate (Interim) Cover. (C15: s2544)

[Note: This section applies in conjunction with CIWMB sections 20680-20701 and addresses cover issues prior to the installation of the final cover. Readers interested in the SWRCB-promulgated requirements for final cover will find them at s21090.]

(a) Daily & Intermediate -Interim cover at landfills is "daily cover" and "intermediate cover" as defined by the CIWMB (see s20160).

(b) Minimize Percolation -Interim cover over wastes discharged to a landfill shall be designed and constructed to minimize percolation of liquids through wastes.

(c) For Class II Waste Piles -Cover may be required by RWQCBs for Class II wastes piles.

(d) [Reserved]

(e) Limitations On Cover Materials -Except for reusable covers that are never incorporated into the Unit, daily and intermediate cover shall only consist of materials:

(1) Match Unit Classification -which meet the classification criteria for wastes that can be discharged to that landfill. Therefore, a material that would be classified as a designated waste cannot be utilized for daily or intermediate cover at a Class III landfill unless that material is approved for discharge (as a waste) to that landfill pursuant to s20200(a)(1); and

(2) Composition -whose constituents (other than water) and foreseeable breakdown byproducts, under the chemical (including biochemical) and temperature conditions which it is likely to encounter within the landfill, either:

(A) for non-composite lined portions of the Unit, are mobilizable only at concentrations which would not adversely affect beneficial uses of waters of the state, in the event of a release; or

(B) for composite-lined portions of the Unit, are listed as COCs in the Unit's water quality protection standard (Water Standard), created pursuant to s20395.

(f) Dust Control -The requirements of s21090(a)(5) regarding the discharge of leachate, gas condensate, and other liquids to final-covered portions of the Unit also apply to the discharge of liquids to daily and intermediate cover, including discharges made for the purpose of dust control.

(1. New section filed 6-18-97; operative 7-18-97 (Register 97, No. 25).)

Note: Authority cited: Section 1058, Water Code; Reference: Sections 13172 and 13360, Water Code; and Section 43103, Public Resources Code.

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