Section 25606 - Occupational Exposure Warnings (California Code of Regulations)

§ 25606. Occupational Exposure Warnings

(a) A warning to an exposed employee about a listed chemical meets the requirements of this subarticle if it fully complies with all warning information, training, and labeling requirements of the federal Hazard Communication Standard (29 Code of Federal Regulations, section 1910.1200 (Feb. 8, 2013)), hereby incorporated by reference, the California Hazard Communication Standard (Title 8, California Code of Regulations section 5194), or, for pesticides, the Pesticides and Worker Safety requirements (Title 3, California Code of Regulations section 6700 et seq.).

(b) For occupational exposures to chemicals not covered by subsection (a), warnings may be provided consistent with Sections 25601, 25602, 25603, 25604, 25605 and 25607 et seq. of this subarticle.

(1. New section filed 8-30-2016; operative 8-30-2018 pursuant to Government Code section 11343.4(b)(2) (Register 2016, No. 36). 2. Change without regulatory effect amending subsection (b) filed 1-9-2017 pursuant to section 100, title 1, California Code of Regulations (Register 2017, No. 2).)

Note: Authority cited: Section 25249.12, Health and Safety Code. Reference: Sections 25249.6 and 25249.11, Health and Safety Code.

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