Section 1300.61 - Filing of Advertising and Disclosure Forms (California Code of Regulations)

§ 1300.61. Filing of Advertising and Disclosure Forms

(a) Two copies of a proposed advertisement shall be filed. An advertisement is "filed" within the meaning of Section 1361 of the Act when a true copy thereof, accurately showing the final appearance of the advertisement, is received. To minimize the expense of changes in advertising copy, it may be submitted in draft form for preliminary review subject to the later filing of a proof or final copy, and the later filing of a proof or final copy may be waived when the draft copy is presented in a manner reasonably representing the final appearance of the advertisement. The text of audio or audio/visual advertising should indicate any directions for presentation, including voice qualities and the juxtaposition of the visual materials with the text.

(b) The Director will not issue letters of nondisapproval of advertising. If the person submitting the advertisement requests an order shortening the 30-day waiting period under Section 1361 of the Act, such order will be issued when an appropriate showing of the need therefor is made.

(1. Change without regulatory effect amending subsection (b) and adding Note filed 7-18-2000 pursuant to section 100, title 1, California Code of Regulations (Register 2000, No. 29).)

Note: Authority cited: Section 1344, Health and Safety Code. Reference: Section 1361, Health and Safety Code.

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