Section 1300.63.1 - Evidence of Coverage (California Code of Regulations)

§ 1300.63.1. Evidence of Coverage

(a) Each plan shall furnish to each individual subscriber, and make available to group contract holders for dissemination to all persons eligible under the group contract, either an evidence of coverage or a copy of the plan contract, which shall conform to the requirements of this section. The Director may permit the evidence of coverage and the disclosure form prescribed by Section 1300.63 to be presented in a single document if the purposes of each are fulfilled.

(b) Except as may be otherwise permitted by the Director, the evidence of coverage shall conform to the requirements of subsection (a) of Section 1300.63 and the following requirements:

(1) It shall be clearly entitled "Evidence of Coverage."

(2) The portions of the text specifying (1) limitations, exclusions, exceptions and reductions; (2) rights of cancellation; (3) restrictions on renewal or reinstatement; (4) rights of the health plan to change benefits; (5) subsequent providers; and (6) liability of members in the event of nonpayment by the health plan, shall be in type not less than 2 points larger than the text relating to other provisions and in no event less than 12 point type.

(3) It shall be divided into sections, each of which shall have a title identifying the nature of the information contained therein.

(4) The evidence of coverage when taken as a whole, with consideration being given to format, typography and language, must constitute a fair disclosure of the provisions of the health plan.

(c) The evidence of coverage shall contain at a minimum the following information:

(1) The name of the health plan, the principal address from which it conducts its business and its telephone number.

(2) The definitions for the words contained therein that have meanings other than those attributed to them by the public in general usage.

(3) The manner in which the member can determine who is or may be entitled to benefits.

(4) The time and date or occurrence upon which coverage takes effect including a specification of any applicable waiting periods.

(5) The time and date or occurrence upon which coverage will terminate.

(6) The conditions upon which cancellation may be effected by the health plan or by the member, and a statement that a subscriber or enrollee who alleges that an enrollment or subscription has been cancelled or not renewed because of the enrollee's or subscriber's health status or requirements for health care services may request a review of cancellation by the Director.

(7) The conditions for and any restrictions upon the member's right to renewal or reinstatement.

(8) The amount of the periodic payment to be made by the member, the time by which the payment must be made, and the address at or to which the payment shall be made, except that a member under group coverage may be referred to the group contract holder for information regarding any sums to be withheld from the member's salary or to be paid by the member to the employer or group contract holder.

(9) A complete statement of all benefits and coverages and the related limitations, exclusions, exceptions, reductions, copayments, and deductibles.

(10) A statement of any restriction on assignment of sums payable to the member by the health plan.

(11) The exact procedure for obtaining benefits including the procedure for filing claims. The procedure for filing claims must state the time by which the claim must be filed, the form in which it is to be filed and the address at or to which it shall be delivered or mailed.

(12) Any procedures required to be followed by the member in the event any dispute arises under the contract, including any requirement for arbitration.

(13) The address and telephone number designated by the health plan to which complaints from members are to be directed, and a description of the plan's grievance procedure.

(14) A statement to the effect that, by statute, every contract between the health plan and a provider shall provide that in the event the health plan fails to pay the provider, the member shall not be liable to the provider for any sums owed by the health plan.

(15) A statement to the effect that in the event the health plan fails to pay a noncontracting provider, the member may be liable to the noncontracting provider for the cost of the services.

(16) An appropriate statement to fulfill the requirement of Section 1300.69(i)(1), unless the plan undertakes to mail such information annually.

(17) A statement which shall be set forth in boldface type not less than 2 points larger than the type required by subsection (b)(2): "This evidence of coverage constitutes only a summary of the health plan. The health plan contract must be consulted to determine the exact terms and conditions of coverage."

(1. Amendment of subsection (c)(16) filed 6-2-78; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 78, No. 22). 2. Amendment of subsection (c) filed 1-12-83; effective thirtieth day thereafter (Register 83, No. 3). 3. Change without regulatory effect amending subsections (a), (b) and (c)(6) filed 7-18-2000 pursuant to section 100, title 1, California Code of Regulations (Register 2000, No. 29).)

Note: Authority cited: Section 1344, Health and Safety Code. Reference: Sections 1345, 1360 and 1363, Health and Safety Code.

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