Article 7 - Standards (California Code of Regulations)

Section 1300.67 Scope of Basic Health Care Services Section 1300.67.05 Acts of War Exclusions Section 1300.67.1 Continuity of Care Section 1300.67.1.3 Block Transfer Filings Section 1300.67.2 Accessibility of Services Section 1300.67.2.1 Geographic Accessibility Standards Section 1300.67.2.2 Timely Access to Non-Emergency Health Care Services Section 1300.67.3 Standards for Plan Organization Section 1300.67.4 Subscriber and Group Contracts Section 1300.67.8 Contracts with Providers Section 1300.67.11 Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest Section 1300.67.12 Contracts with Solicitor Firms Section 1300.67.13 Coordination of Benefits ("COB") Section 1300.67.205 Standard Prescription Drug Formulary Template Section 1300.67.24 Outpatient Prescription Drug Copayments, Coinsurance, Deductibles, Limitations and Exclusions Section 1300.67.241 Prescription Drug Prior Authorization or Step Therapy Exception Request Form Process Section 1300.67.50 Certain Medicare Supplement Contracts: Presumption of Unfairness Section 1300.67.51 Medicare Supplement Contract Provisions Section 1300.67.52 Medicare Supplement Additional Benefit Requirements Section 1300.67.53 Medicare Supplement Minimum Aggregate Benefits Section 1300.67.55 Medicare Supplement Reporting Requirements Section 1300.67.56 Transitional Requirements for the Conversion of Medicare Supplement Contracts to Conform to Medicare Program Revisions Section 1300.67.57 Format For Notices of Changes in Coverage Section 1300.67.58 Participating Physician or Supplier Claims Form Requirement. (Compliance with Section 4081 of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987) Section 1300.67.59 Format for Reporting Loss Ratio Experience

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