Section XXIII-105 - Board Membership and Domicile (Formerly LAC 37:I.1101.D) (Louisiana Code of Regulations)

§ XXIII-105. Board Membership and Domicile (Formerly LAC 37:I.1101.D)

A. The boards official domicile will be located in Baton Rouge. All claims hearings, presentations, etc. will be held in the boards official domicile. Claimant expenses related to claim preparation and presentation are not allowable for reimbursement. Board members serve on a gratuitous basis. The chairman of the board shall be the attorney general, or their designee.

B. The board will be comprised of those individuals or their designees as stated in R.S. 40:1665.3

(Promulgated by the Office of the Governor, Division of Administration, Office of Risk Management, LR 16:400 (May 1990), amended LR 31:69 (January 2005), LR 32:1443 (August 2006), amended by the Department of Justice, Law Enforcement Officers and Firemens Survivor Benefit Review Board, LR 431417 (July 2017).)

AUTHORITY NOTE: Promulgated in accordance with R.S. 40:1665, 40:1665.1, 40:1665.2, 40:1665.3, 33:2011, 33:2581, and 39:1533.

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