Section I-1627 - QEC Contract (Louisiana Code of Regulations)

§ I-1627. QEC Contract

A. Upon a determination of qualification, and receipt of the $7,500 expenditure verification report fee advance deposit, the office and the secretary may enter into a QEC contract with an applicant, which shall include but not be limited to:

1. job and payroll estimates, per calendar year;

2. tax credit reservation schedule, per fiscal year;

3. expenditure verification report fees;

4. procedure for requesting final certification of tax credits;

5. requirements for eligibility to receive final certification of tax credits, including but not limited to retention of baseline jobs, establishment of new jobs and attainment of minimum payroll threshold;

6. term for a period of up to five years, as may be offered by the office and the secretary;

7. designation of a single project site in Louisiana- the QEC payroll tax credits the applicant shall receive will be based upon the operations at the project site;

B. A fee of $250 shall be filed with a request for any contract amendment, including but not limited to, a revision to the tax credit reservation schedule, a change in ownership, a change in name or a change in location.

C. An applicant may have multiple QEC contracts covering multiple locations. The eligibility of each location shall be determined separately;

D. For each QEC contract, LED shall certify that the applicant has a net overall increase in employment statewide for each new job;

E. A QEC contract may, with the written approval of the office and the secretary, be transferred to a business entity purchasing or continuing the operation of a project site. Upon such transfer, the employment baseline shall be that of the transferee or purchaser during the 45 day period prior to the transfer or purchase;

F. The QEC contract may be renewed at the discretion of the office and the secretary, for an additional five years, if the applicant has complied with the terms of the QEC contract and has not performed any act, nor failed to perform any act, which would have made the applicant liable for suspension, and has otherwise complied with the provisions of R.S. 47:6007. The same approval process as used for the original application and QEC contract will be followed for renewal QEC contracts, including additional application and expenditure verification report advance deposit fees.

(Promulgated by the Department of Economic Development, Office of Business Development and Office of Entertainment Industry Development, LR 37:516 (February 2011), Repealed by the Department of Economic Development, Office of Business Development, Office of Entertainment Industry Development, LR 4240 (January 2016), Promulgated by the Department of Economic Development, Office of Entertainment Industry Development LR 441994 (November 2018).)

AUTHORITY NOTE: Promulgated in accordance with R.S. 47:6007.

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