Section I-1633 - Definitions (Louisiana Code of Regulations)

§ I-1633. Definitions

A. The following terms shall have the meanings provided herein, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

Base Investment - shall mean the actual investment made and expended in the state by:

a. a state-certified production as production expenditures incurred in this state that are directly used in state-certified production or productions;

b. a person or other legal entity in the development of a state-certified infrastructure project. Infrastructure Expenditures shall include, but are not limited to, expenditures for sound recording infrastructure project development, sound recording production spaces, sound production equipment, facilities, equipment for sound recording companies domiciled within Louisiana, sound processing and recording equipment, land acquisition and closing costs, construction costs, design and professional consulting fees associated with the state-certified infrastructure project, furniture, fixtures, percussion, pianos, keyboards, organs, musical and amplification equipment, and financing costs which shall remain permanently located within Louisiana for the useful life of the object. Infrastructure Expenditures shall not include indirect costs, any amounts that are later reimbursed by a third party, any costs related to the allocation of tax credits, or any amounts that are paid to persons or entities as a result of their participation in profits from the exploitation of the State-certified Infrastructure Project.

Department-the Louisiana Department of Economic Development, or its successor.

Expended in the State-an expenditure to acquire property from a source within the state which is subject to state sales or use tax, or an expenditure as compensation for services performed within the state which is subject to state income tax.

Holder-the holder of a partnership interest, membership interest, or other similar ownership interest on any entity not taxed as a corporation.

Investor-any individual or entity that makes an investment in a state-certified production or infrastructure project.

Production Expenses-production expenditures in the state directly relating to and proportionate with work performed in Louisiana on a state-certified production. In qualifying submitted expenditures as production-related costs LED may determine whether such expenditures represent legitimate expenditures for the actual cost of related goods or services, having economic substance and a business purpose related to the certified production and not constructive dividends, self-dealing, inflated prices or similar transactions entered into for the purpose of inflating the amount of tax credits earned rather than for the benefit of the production. See § 1641 for illustrative examples of expenditures commonly associated with sound recording production projects.

Related Party Transaction-a transaction between parties deemed to be related by common ownership or control under generally accepted auditing principles.

Resident-a person domiciled in the state. Proof of domicile may include, but not be limited to, a drivers license issued by the state of Louisiana, or similar evidence which reasonably establish both identity and residency.

Secretary-Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Economic Development.

Series-a series of sound recordings occurring over a 12-month period may be considered for qualification. Illustrative examples of a permissible series include recordings made by a single artist or a singularly titled radio broadcast series. When determining eligibility the department shall consider common attributes, business purpose of the transactions and any other relevant factors. Combining multiple productions or recordings solely to achieve minimum spending requirements is not permitted.

Sound Recording-a recording of music, poetry, or spoken-word performance made in Louisiana, in whole or in part. The term sound recording shall not include the audio portions of dialogue or words spoken and recorded as part of television news coverage or athletic events.

Sound Recording Production Company-a company engaged in the business of producing sound recordings as defined in this Section. Sound recording production company shall not mean or include any person or company, or any company owned, affiliated, or controlled, in whole or in part, by any company or person, which is in default on a loan made by the state or a loan guaranteed by the state, nor which has ever declared bankruptcy under which an obligation of the company or person to pay or repay public funds or monies was discharged as a part of such bankruptcy.

State-Certified Musical Recording Infrastructure Project-a sound recording capital infrastructure project and base investment related to such project that are approved by the Louisiana Department of Economic Development.

State-Certified Production-a sound recording production or a series of productions occurring over the course of a 12-month period, and costs related to such production or productions that are approved by the Louisiana Department of Economic Development.

(Promulgated by the Department of Economic Development, Office of Business Development, and the Department of Revenue, LR 34:1347 (July 2008), amended by the Department of Economic Development, Office of Business Development, Office of Entertainment Industry Development, LR 36:304 (February 2010), Amended by LR 4237 (January 2016).)

AUTHORITY NOTE: Promulgated in accordance with R.S. 47:6023.

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