Section I-1693 - Certification Procedures (Louisiana Code of Regulations)

§ I-1693. Certification Procedures

A. Application and Expenditure Verification Report Fees

1. An application for a state-certified production or a state-certified infrastructure project shall be submitted to the department, including:

a. all information required by R.S. 47:6034(E)(2)(a);

b. an application fee of 0.5 percent of the estimated total tax credits, with a minimum fee of $500, and a maximum fee of $15,000; and

c. the applicant shall provide additional information upon request.

2. Each application shall identify only one production or infrastructure project and only one contact person for such production or project.

3. Expenditure Verification Report Fee. The department shall directly engage and assign a CPA to prepare an expenditure verification report on an applicants cost report of production or project expenditures. For projects in excess of $50,000, the fees shall be as follows:

a. at the time of application, the applicant shall submit an advance deposit of $5,000;

b. prior to final certification of any tax credits, the applicant shall be assessed the departments actual cost for the CPAs expenditure report. The maximum fee shall be $15,000.

B. Qualification

1. The department shall determine whether a production or infrastructure project qualifies, by meeting all requirements of R.S. 47:6034 and these regulations, and taking the following factors into consideration:

a. the contribution of the production or infrastructure project to establishing the state as a leader in the live performance industry;

b. the impact of the production or infrastructure project on the employment of Louisiana residents;

c. the impact of the production or infrastructure project on the overall economy of the state;

d. in the case of productions, the potential for students to gain work experience in an arts related position;

e. in the case of infrastructure projects, the availability and kind of existing facilities in the proposed area.

C. Initial Certification

1. Upon finding the production or infrastructure project qualifies, the department shall issue an initial certification letter which shall include:

a. classification as a state-certified production or state-certified infrastructure project;

b. a unique identifying number;

c. the total base investment to be expended;

d. the persons to whom tax credits are to be allocated and the estimated amount of tax credits allocated to each; and

e. for state-certified infrastructure projects, the years in which tax credits may be taken or transferred.

2. Brand. As a condition for receiving tax credits, state certified productions and infrastructure projects may be required to display the state brand or logo. Any such requirement will be detailed in the initial certification letter.

3. Duration of Effect

a. The applicant shall countersign the initial certification letter, acknowledging the conditions therein stated, and return an original to the department within 30 business days of receipt.

b. If a countersigned original is not returned to the department, within the allotted time frame, it shall be nullified unless reissued or confirmed by the department.

c. For productions, initial certification shall be effective for a period of 12 months prior to and 12 months after the date of initial certification.

i. Productions returning to the state after Broadway performances shall be eligible for recertification, provided that the production returns to the state within 24 months of the date of original certification.

D. Final Certification and Audit Requirements

1. After review and upon a determination of qualification and initial certification, an applicant may obtain final certification as follows.

a. A cost report shall be submitted by the applicant, certified by an independent certified public accountant and complying with the minimum standards as required by R.S. 47:6034.

b. The cost report may be subject to additional audit at the applicant's expense. The department shall select the auditor and determine the audit standards.

i. Incorrect Reporting. If an applicant submits a cost report required by the provisions of this Chapter and the report made and filed contains material misstatements, including but not limited to misrepresentation in or intentional omission from the cost report of events, transactions, or other significant information there may be cause for an additional audit.

ii. Related Party Transactions. If an audit contains related party transactions in excess of 20 percent of the total expenditures reported in the submitted audit there may be cause for an additional audit.

iii. Reimbursement of Audit Costs. The department may undertake additional audit at the applicant's expense, to be performed by a state certified public accountant also certified in financial forensics or also certified as a fraud examiner. Audit fees will be assessed at the department's contracted fee, with a minimum of $2,000 and a maximum of $15,000 fee per audit.

c. Additional information may be requested in order to make a determination of eligibility.

d. The department shall review the cost report and supporting information, and following verification of qualifying expenditures, shall issue a final tax credit certification letter.

e. Multiple requests for final certification may be submitted.

i. Each submission must be accompanied by an audited cost report indicating expenditures.

ii. Two submissions shall be certified at no additional fee by the department.

iii. Additional charges may apply for three or more certification requests.

E. Appeal Process

1. In the event that an application for certification is denied, the applicant may appeal as follows.

a. An applicant may appeal within 30 days from receipt of a denial. A rebuttable presumption of receipt will occur from the sending of the denial by electronic mail to an address provided by the applicant or by a return receipt evidencing delivery by U.S. Postal Service or private carrier.

b. The appeal is made by delivery of a written objection with supporting documentation to the secretary.

c. The secretary shall review the objection and supporting documentation and provide the applicant with a written response within 30 business days. This written response shall be the final agency determination.

(Promulgated by the Department of Economic Development, Office of Business Development, Office of Entertainment Industry Development, LR 35:2175 (October 2009), repromulgated LR 36:2238 (October 2010), amended LR 39:1016 (April 2013), Amended LR 4240 (January 2016).)

AUTHORITY NOTE: Promulgated in accordance with R.S. 47:6034(E).

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