Section I-4359 - Dealers Required to Keep Records (Louisiana Code of Regulations)

§ I-4359. Dealers Required to Keep Records

A. As provided in R.S. 47:309 and R.S. 47:337.29, every person required to collect or remit the tax imposed under R.S. 47:302, 321, 331, and local ordinances shall keep a permanent record of all transactions in sufficient detail to be of value in determining the correct tax liability. The records to be kept shall include all sales invoices, purchase orders, merchandise records, inventory records, credit memoranda, debit memoranda, bills of lading, shipping records, and all other records pertaining to any and all purchases, sales, or use of tangible personal property whether or not the person believes them to be subject to state or local sales or use tax. Full detail must be kept of all property leased or rented from or to others and all services performed for or by others. They must also keep all summaries' recapitulations, totals, journal entries, ledger accounts, accounts receivable records, accounts payable records, statements, tax returns, and other documents listing, summarizing, or pertaining to such sales, purchases, inventories, shipments, or other transactions dealing with tangible personal property.

B. Where such records are voluminous, they must be kept in chronological order or in some other systematic order compatible with the taxpayer's regular bookkeeping system which will enable the collector to verify the accuracy of information contained in tax returns.


1. Records kept on punched cards, magnetic tape, magnetic (floppy) diskettes or other mechanical or electronic record keeping equipment are permissible provided the taxpayer makes available all necessary codes, program specifications, and equipment to enable the collector to audit such records, or provides the collector with written transcripts of these parts of the records which the collector wishes to examine.

2. If it is mutually agreed, the dealer may furnish the collector with data in a machine readable form, such as on floppy disk or magnetic tape, in addition to the source documents necessary to verify the data in order to facilitate the examination.

D. The books and records must contain complete information pertaining to both taxable and nontaxable items which are the subject of the taxes imposed and must be retained until the taxes to which they relate have prescribed according to R.S. 47:1579 and R.S. 47.337.67. If a notice of assessment has been issued by the collector, the records for the period covered by the notice must be retained until such time as the issues involved in the assessment have been completely disposed of. Records required by R.S. 47:309 and R.S. 47:337.29 must be available at all times during the regular business hours of the day for inspection by the collector or his duly authorized agents.

E. Any person who fails to keep records required by R.S. 47:309 or R.S. 47:337.29 or who refuses to make the records available for inspection by the collector or who keeps records which are insufficient for use by the collector in determining the correct tax liability makes himself liable for a fine of up to $500 for each reporting period or imprisonment for up to 60 days, or both.

(Promulgated by the Department of Revenue and Taxation, Sales Tax Section, LR 13:107 (February 1987), amended LR 15:274 (April 1989), amended by the Department of Revenue, Policy Services Division, LR 31:90 (January 2005).)

AUTHORITY NOTE: Promulgated in accordance with R.S. 47:309, R.S. 47:337.2, R.S. 47:337.29, and R.S. 47:1511.

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