Section I-4409 - Motion Picture Film Rental (Louisiana Code of Regulations)

§ I-4409. Motion Picture Film Rental

A.R.S. 47:305.9 provides a very limited exemption to the operators of motion picture theaters wherein the amount paid by operators to distributing agencies for the use of film are specifically exempted from state and local sales or use tax. Note that film is the only item covered by the exemption. Distributing agencies and suppliers for motion picture theaters are required to collect taxes on any other supplies or materials furnished to operators. Theaters are required to collect the tax on admissions.

B. Any distributing agent who fails to collect state or local sales or use tax because of the exemption provided in R.S. 47:305.9 must be able to identify the motion picture theater operators to whom films were furnished. Failure of the distribution agency to maintain a complete record of transactions for which no taxes were collected can result in the dealer being held responsible for the tax.

C. In some cases, agreements between film distributors and theater operators may not be leases or rentals. Section 4301 defines lease or rental and provides exceptions to the definition of lease or rental.

(Promulgated by the Department of Revenue and Taxation, Sales Tax Section, LR 13:107 (February 1987), amended by the Department of Revenue and Taxation, Sales Tax Division, LR 22:854 (September 1996), amended by the Department of Revenue, Policy Services Division, LR 31:94 (January 2005).)

AUTHORITY NOTE: Promulgated in accordance with R.S. 47:305.9, R.S. 47:337.2, R.S. 47:337.9, and R.S. 47:1511.

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