Section 358.439 - Guardianship fee (Texas Administrative Code)

§ 358.439. Guardianship Fee

In determining the co-payment for a person receiving services in an institutional setting, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) may deduct a guardianship fee, if any, up to an amount set by the court, from the person's total countable income.

(1) The deduction is limited to guardianship-related costs and fees, subject to the limitations of § 32.02451 of the Texas Human Resources Code, Section 670 of the Texas Probate Code, and this section, as determined by HHSC.

(2) HHSC deducts the guardianship-related costs and fees from total countable income after deducting the personal needs allowance, but before deducting any other allowances.

(3) The deduction is effective the later of:

(A) the month the judge signs the court order awarding guardianship-related costs and fees;

(B) the first month of eligibility for which the person has a co-payment; or

(C) the first day of the month that the applicant or recipient provides HHSC with a copy of the court order awarding the guardianship-related costs and fees.

(4) HHSC does not deduct any amount of guardianship-related costs and fees awarded before the date the court order was signed. The deduction is prospective only.

(5) HHSC does not deduct a guardianship establishment fee unless a new guardian is named in the most recent court order.

(6) HHSC does not deduct any guardianship-related costs and fees ordered after the recipient has died.

(7) To receive the deduction, an applicant or recipient must provide a copy of the court order to HHSC no later than the date specified by HHSC. No deduction will be given until the applicant or recipient provides HHSC with a copy of the court order awarding the guardianship-related costs and fees by submitting the court order as specified by HHSC.

(8) The deduction authorized by this section is limited to a guardianship of the person. No deductions are allowed for any other type of guardianship.

(The provisions of this § 358.439 adopted to be effective September 1, 2009, 34 TexReg 5497; Amended to be effective March 8, 2012, 37 TexReg 1496)

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