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Matthew Famiglietti opened his first law office in 1994 because he believes strongly that one individual can make a difference. Having a disability, and living ...
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We handle workers' compensation and serious personal injury claims throughout South Carolina. We also handle Immigration matters. Over the past 23 years, we h...
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Our firm handles immigration, workers' compensation and serious personal injury claims throughout South Carolina. Over the past 25 years, we have helped many c...
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A person's rights and responsibilities change when they decide to move in together or marry. The rights and responsibilities of married couples are complex, and many of them are unknown to couples considering marriage. Whether or not you and a partner are already, marriage lawyers will take the time to guide you through this legal matter.

What is a Marriage Lawyer?

Marriage contracts, also called prenuptial agreements, are typically drawn up by a marriage lawyer before the start of a marriage to customize the rights and responsibilities that will arise from a separation to suit the client's needs. An agreement includes details about how property will be divided should the marriage end, expectations about the other spouse, provisions that need to be made for any child or children, etc.

What Does a South Carolina Marriage Attorney Do?

Attorneys specializing in marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements have extensive experience customizing them for clients. Lawyers who practice family law are often intimately familiar with their client's assets, business holdings, and more. Thus, the terms of the marriage contract can be negotiated or drafted, taking into account all relevant factors.

At the outset of negotiations, divorce lawyers assist clients by ensuring the proper disclosure of all financial, business, and real property assets and liabilities. These agreements are often overturned in court because of inadequate financial disclosure. In contrast, marriage attorneys will work to uncover hidden assets when the other party is not transparent with their disclosure.

When to Hire a Marriage Lawyer in South Carolina?

Generally, a marriage contract or cohabitation agreement can establish rules to govern a variety of scenarios, including how property will be divided should the couple divorce or separate. Therefore, these documents should be reviewed or drafted by a trusted lawyer for marriage in South Carolina before being signed. Among the considerations that these documents can address are:

  • Relationship or marriage financial management;
  • Relationship or marriage expectations each party has for the other;
  • When a marriage or relationship ends, how assets will be divided; and
  • Equity assets are not included in equalization payments.

How Do I Choose a Marriage Attorney in South Carolina?

If you’re about to get married and/or you’re living together in common law, you’ll need a marriage lawyer to protect your interests. Here are the top qualities to look for the best marriage lawyers lawyer near you:


Your attorney should be experienced with marriage contracts and prenuptial agreements. Ask your attorney about their experience in marriage law.


Communication between marriage attorneys and their clients should be of the utmost importance to them. Choose a lawyer that listens well to your needs, and makes you a priority.


Legal representation can be very costly, and you have a right to be fully informed of the chances of your case succeeding. If you're seeking an attorney, be sure that he or she is enthusiastic about your case and has your best interests in mind.


Marriage attorneys who are the most successful tend to be the most expensive. Therefore, it is important to determine all of these factors before hiring a lawyer.

How Much Does the Marriage Lawyer Average Cost South Carolina?

Marriage lawyers charge an hourly rate for services that cannot be provided on a flat fee basis. The rates of lawyers typically range from $200/hour to $400/hour based on their experience.

The best marriage lawyer in South Carolina needs to completely understand your case before providing an estimate for your case.

Do Marriage Attorneys Usually Charge for Consultations?

Situations vary from person to person. Free consultations are often offered by law firms so that you can determine whether the lawyer is right for you. An initial consultation is not meant to provide legal advice but to determine whether you wish to hire this legal professional.

Some lawyers do charge for consultations. If a client is late or doesn't show up for a consultation, the lawyer doesn't get paid for their time. Payment encourages clients to take the transaction seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a green card marriage work?

Marriage green cards allow a spouse to live and work anywhere in the United States if their spouse is a U.S. citizen or green cardholder. "Permanent resident" status applies to green card holders until they decide to apply for U.S. citizenship, which they can do after three years.

How Much Does A Marriage-Based Green Card Cost?

Obtaining a green card through marriage involves different costs depending on your age and immigration situation. According to the USCIS, green card fees are as follows:

  • I-130 petition: $535
  • Biometrics services fee of $85

You should be aware that this is only a list of mandatory costs required by the USCIS. For example, when evaluating the total cost of your green card, you should also take into account travel costs and attorney fees.

Can I apply for citizenship after two years of marriage?

Citizenship: Who is eligible? After five years, green card holders who meet certain conditions can apply for U.S. citizenship (the so-called "five-year rule"). However, those with a U.S. spouse and a green card through marriage have a waiting period of 9 to 36 months, depending on the circumstances.